TIHM - Technology Integrated Health Management


People with dementia and their carers in Surrey and North East Hampshire will benefit from an innovative new

project that will use technology to revolutionize healthcare. A variety of apps, monitors, sensors and other

devices will be combined in an ‘Internet of Things’ that will monitor people’s health in their own homes. These

devices will produce information to help people with dementia and their carers take more control over their

own health and wellbeing. The insights and alerts provided by the combination of devices will enable

healthcare staff to deliver more responsive and effective services.

The ‘Test Bed’ project is funded by Innovate UK and NHS England to try out combinations of technologies that

have the potential to improve care quality and provide better value for money. The project is led by Surrey &

Borders NHS Foundation Trust working with the University of Surrey, Royal Holloway, University of London,

Kent, Surrey and Sussex Academic Health Science Network, the Alzheimer’s Society, local Clinical

Commissioning Groups, charities and other partners.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Surrey & Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust £1,798,671 £ 1,798,671


Healtrix Ltd, ILFORD £2,020 £ 1,415
Docobo Ltd £205,983 £ 144,188
Intelesant Limited, Manchester £139,173 £ 97,421
Arqiva Limited, HAMPSHIRE £66,825 £ 33,413
Vision360 (UK) Ltd, LONDON £312,315 £ 218,621
Safe Patient Systems Ltd., SOLIHULL £339,945 £ 237,962
Elucid Mhealth Limited, Manchester £139,194 £ 97,437
Yecco Limited, HARROW £335,568 £ 234,394
University of Surrey, United Kingdom £1,251,169 £ 1,251,169
Royal Holloway College and Bedford New College £242,716 £ 242,716
Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Leatherhead £722,741 £ 722,741
Sensely UK Limited, CARDIFF £152,864 £ 106,928
Halliday James Limited, BANBURY £26,883 £ 18,819


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