KES - Kite Energy Scheme

Lead Participant: Kite Power Systems Limited


Kite Power Solutions Ltd (KPS) is the UK's only developer of a technology to generate electricity from the wind

using kites. KPS was formed in 2011 to develop this innovative disruptive wind energy technology. KPS predicts

a market entry in 2025 for a 3MW floating offshore system which has a cost of electricty 50% of conventional

wind turbines, lower than the wholesale price of electricity removing the requirement for subsidies.

This project enables KPS to further scale the existing demonstrated technology with leading UK businesses.

These collaborators are BVG Associates supporting the optimisation of the power conversion system; Artemis

Intelligent Power providing support in the drive train development; Imperial College supporting aerodynamic

development of the wings; The National Composites Centre optimising kite material and manufacturing

processes; Keynvor Morlift Ltd to conduct mooring and installation assessments; Banks Sails as KPS kite

manufacturing partner. The project will also involve engagement with the wider public and the environmental

stakeholders to assess the impacts of the rollout of KPS kite energy technology.


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