Balanced Energy Networks

Lead Participant: Icax Limited


The Balanced Energy Networks project will deliver both a physical and digital network to integrate systems that will enable the balancing of heating, cooling, electricity, and carbon, in a way that minimises costs.

Addressing the energy trilemma - delivering security of supply, at low cost, and with low carbon emissions - is a key requirement for achieving a sustainable and prosperous economy. The Balanced Energy Networks project will build a working demonstration of the integrated system at London South Bank University (LSBU). This will involve the construction of an inter-seasonal thermal storage system to balance the production of heating and cooling throughout the year. It will also create a bi-directional network to balance electricity supply and demand. Attached to these physical and information and control networks will be a range of innovative technologies including one which can both generate electricity and remove carbon dioxide from the air, allowing the overall system to be carbon neutral.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Icax Limited, LONDON £1,065,072 £ 745,550


Mixergy Limited, THAME £211,517 £ 148,062
Origen Power Ltd, WALSALL £333,049 £ 233,134
London South Bank University, United Kingdom £658,377 £ 658,377
Cranfield University, United Kingdom £511,729 £ 511,729
Upside Energy Ltd, NORTHWICH £385,746 £ 270,022
Terra Firma Ground Investigation Limited, HEMEL HEMPSTEAD £488,348 £ 341,844


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