Functional Lattices for Automotive Components (FLAC)

Lead Participant: Hieta Technologies Ltd


Vehicle efficiency, regardless of the powertrain type, can be increased through several strategies, including

reducing weight, aerodynamic drag, reduction in rolling resistance and powertrain efficiency. Out of all, weight

reduction is considered to have the greatest potential to increase vehicle efficiency and thus to reduce the CO2

emissions. The objective of the FLAC project is to progressively develop and demonstrate a portfolio

lightweight automotive components with increased efficiency and functionality utilising an integrated SLM

design methodology, a novel class of lattices, new aluminium alloys for SLM and demonstrate the viability of

selective laser melting as a manufacturing route.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Hieta Technologies Ltd, WOKINGHAM £750,000 £ 525,000


University of Nottingham, United Kingdom £368,287 £ 368,287
University of Liverpool, United Kingdom £237,681 £ 237,681
Alcon Components Limited, TAMWORTH £184,035 £ 110,421
Renishaw P L C, GLOUCESTERSHIRE £588,684 £ 294,342
Added Scientific Limited, Nottingham £139,133 £ 97,393
Moog Controls Limited, GLOUCESTERSHIRE £163,948 £ 81,974


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