FEMTO-AAD: FEMTO - Advanced Application Demonstrator

Lead Participant: Chronos Technology Limited


FEMTO-AAD will play a key role in the UK’s 5 year programme to bring remarkable new concepts in quantum

physics out of research labs and into real-world applications. Chronos Technology, TMD Technologies and the

University of Bath’s Electronics Engineering and Physics Departments have teamed up to research UK-based

hollow core fibre (HCF) manufacturing, a new technique based on quantum physics that promises a generation

of highly-accurate clocks. The consortium will also create a unique Advanced Application Demonstrator (AAD)

that features an ensemble of Quantum Clocks synchronised to UTC – the world timing standard. As HCF and

other new-technology clocks emerge from within FEMTO and the EPSRC Quantum Hub at Birmingham and

Strathclyde Universities they will become candidates to be installed in the Demonstrator, taking over from

traditional technologies. There they will drive the nation’s critical broadcasting and telecommunications

networks with an accuracy and at a cost previously unachievable.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Chronos Technology Limited, Lydbrook £83,560 £ 58,492


University of Bath, Bath £87,845 £ 87,845
Tmd Technologies Limited, Middlesex £74,537 £ 44,722


10 25 50