Demonstration of high-yield, high-performance ion microtraps

Lead Participant: Npl Management Limited


Chip-scale technology is necessary for atomic quantum devices of significantly reduced form factor. The

National Physical Laboratory (NPL) has demonstrated a microchip device for the confinement of atomic ions. Its

unique set of performance characteristics, together with the scalable fabrication techniques used to produce it,

render it an excellent platform for an elementary component in atomic quantum technologies. Clocks, sensors

and scalable superpositions and entanglement will benefit. NPL will conduct ion trapping performance tests on

devices produced in an earlier IUK Study. Kelvin Nanotechnology will enhance the existing full-wafer scale

microfabrication process to produce ion microtraps with ~90% target yield. Optocap will develop the principles

for a custom electronic package, to enable ample connectivity for these and more complex devices in the

future. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first attempt worldwide at this principle for ion microchip

devices. This points the way towards the integration of these devices in atomic quantum instruments.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Npl Management Limited, TEDDINGTON £57,392 £ 28,696


Alter Technology Tuv Nord UK Limited, Livingston £54,986 £ 27,493
Kelvin Nanotechnology Limited, GLASGOW £90,760 £ 45,380


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