Structured collagen as novel fat replacer in healthy sausages with maintained appeal

Lead Participant: Devro Plc


Protein technology SME Nandi Proteins and food scientists from Heriot-Watt University have reported that

collagen proteins structured following a novel innovative process can mimick the properties of fat in sausage

products. Nandi Proteins and Heriot-Watt University have now teamed up with collagen processor Devro and

sausage producer Kerry Foods to produce collagen fat-replacer ingredients on a large scale and to formulate

novel high-protein fat-reduced sausage products with maintained mouthfeel and taste when compared with

full-fat products.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Devro Plc £428,555 £ 192,850


Heriot-Watt University, United Kingdom £299,624 £ 299,624
Kerry Foods Limited, EGHAM £39,962 £ 19,981
Nandi Proteins Limited, Edinburgh, United Kingdom £231,172 £ 161,820


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