VISUALISE -Visualisation of integrated infrastructure systems for efficient management

Lead Participant: Skanska Technology Limited


VISUALISE will develop a single environment integrated data visualisation and analytics capability to effectively analyse, develop and maintain smart, integrated urban infrastructure over the long term. Organisations such as Skanska are responsible for building & managing/maintaining multiple infrastructure assets for local authorities, transport infrastructure operators, utilities companies and facilities such as hospitals, schools. These physical assets are often widely geographically distributed and are managed within closed ‘systems’ based around asset type. Whilst data relating to individual asset types may be available they are not effectively utilised across multiple systems making it impossible to evaluate large scale data patterns. Efficiency improvements that could be achieved by managing multiple assets from a targeted, single maintenance resource capability are therefore not being realised. The VISUALISE solution will address these barriers, enabling data from different sources to be integrated, overlayed, analysed and visually assessed using 3D visualisation and augmented reality techniques. The project use case will be provided by major infrastructure assets in and around Cambridge.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Skanska Technology Limited, London, United Kingdom £250,401 £ 125,201


Unit 9 Limited, London £218,647 £ 131,188
3D Repo Ltd, London £248,361 £ 173,853
Building Research Establishment Limited, Watford, United Kingdom £112,289 £ 112,289
Cartoconsult Limited, Chalfont St Peter £165,681 £ 115,977


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