ESDP- Elderly Support Digital Platform

Lead Participant: Nquiringminds Limited


ESDP addresses one of the biggest systemic urban challenges faced by the modern world: catering to the needs of an ageing population. In the context of the demographic time bomb of an ageing population and global austerity measures being implemented at central and local government levels, this is an essential objective that needs to be addressed by society as a whole. Domiciliary care, reduces pressure on residential care (approx. 28k per person per year). To date the lions share 3.83 of 4.62bn 82% is funded by state. And according to UKHCA figures 2.3 billion of this is administration costs (49%). With the recent 40% drop in local authority budget, this is unsustainable. ESDP address this problem by providing dynamic, shared-economy (uber-like) market place for Domiciliary Care services. This platform mobilses the social support infrastrcture more efficiently to address needs. The objectives are a) provide care services more efficiently, with less administration cost, and b) platforms that can effectively employ third sector, community services and social capital and c) platforms that encourage transition from state supported to community supported care.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Nquiringminds Limited, Southampton, United Kingdom £1,030,041 £ 721,029


University of Southampton, United Kingdom £329,483 £ 329,483
Southampton City Council, United Kingdom £110,274 £ 110,274


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