In-home screening of cognitive ageing to enable improved patient outcomes

Lead Participant: Brainwavebank Ltd.


A novel neuroscience platform is proposed that allows anyone to directly measure and track their cognitive health in just a few minutes a day from the comfort of their home. This low cost approach will make quantitative, objective cognitive health tracking accessible to all and transform our understanding of brain health including how lifestyle, age, and disease affect it. In particular it will enable the large scale screening of at-risk populations for the earliest stages of progressive neurodegenerative diseases including dementia. Early detection of these conditions can help transfrom the cost of care, extend quality of life, and inform clinical research focused on disease modification or cure. Daily brain health is measured using a low-cost, high-resolution brainwave scanning headset (also known as an electroencephalography, or EEG, headset) that is worn while playing engaging mobile games that test different aspects of cognitive function, changes in which are associated with different neurodegenerative diseases. Advanced machine learning methods extract digital biomarkers from this data associated with lifestyle factors, age, and illness. These biomarkers will enable early detection of illness and support development of novel diagnostics, drugs and therapies.

Lead Participant

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Brainwavebank Ltd., Belfast £471,420 £ 329,994


Queen's University of Belfast, United Kingdom £110,668 £ 110,668


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