Carbon fibre self-adhesive tape for rapid structural repairs (CarboTape)


Duct tape is used as a quick and easy way to reinforce and repair countless items in households and light industry, and the European market alone is worth £145 million per year. However, being made from cotton or glass fibre cloth with a low performance polymer coating and simple contact adhesive, it has limited performance so cannot be used for a host of more demanding, structural repairs such as automotive parts, sports equipment, marine and military applications. There is a clear gap in the market for a high-performance tape which can provide temporary or permanent reinforcement/repair in these more demanding applications. To meet this market demand, we will develop a highly innovative and potentially disruptive product, in the priority area of Manufacturing and Materials, with major opportunity for growth, especially in export markets. Our approach is to develop a structural self-adhesive tape, similar in concept to duct tape, based on high strength carbon fibre and a structural adhesive. We will use a novel method to produce ultra-thin, flexible carbon fibre tapes, pre-bonded with an engineering grade thermoplastic resin and coated on one side with an adhesive. This high-performance tape will be 20 times stiffer and 7 times stronger than cotton-based duct tape, whilst being much quicker, easier and safer to use than current carbon fibre-epoxy repair materials. The project will significantly enhance the growth and global competitiveness of Composites Evolution, leading to increased to increased turnover and job creation.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Composites Evolution Limited, Chesterfield £89,749 £ 62,824


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