Speedsnake - a robot for high speed aerostructure manufacturing


Speedsnake will be a new snake-arm robot from the established world-leader in the technology, OC Robotics. This project will enable the development of a new and innovative high-speed snake-arm robot for aviation manufacturing. Speedsnake will be used to carry process tooling for automation of manufacturing processes inside aircraft structures such as wings. The global aviation industry, including Airbus, Bombardier and others in the UK, needs automation to enable increased rates of production while improving quality and reducing cost, in order to meet demand for new aircraft. Speedsnake will be a robot capable of automating assembly inside confined spaces, increasing production rates and reducing the need for people to climb and crawl into confined spaces to assemble aircraft. Most applications for OC Robotics' snake-arm robots have been for slow, low-speed tasks such as inspecting and maintaining high-value assets like nuclear reactors and other expensive or delicate equipment. The Speedsnake robot will set new records for high-speed (x10), autonomous operation inside confined spaces, to meet the production rate challenges of the aviation industry.

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