Integrated UK zero emission drivetrain for commercial vehicles

Lead Participant: Arcola Energy Limited


This project will develop a zero emission drivetrain for a 3500kg van with range and payload suitable for normal urban operations. Leading UK fuel cell system integrator Arcola Energy will carry out a full drivertrain design and integration to convert a transit van to full electric mode, with a fuel cell and hydrogen system providing the range required without compromising payload. With cmoposite material experts Haydale composite solutions, the project will also develop a 700bar hydrogen tank and system to suit the emerging refuelling standards and enable the range extension for the vehicle. The vehicle will be trialed by Commercial Group as the first fully zero emssion vehicle in their fleet of hydrogen powered vehicles which is currently the largest in the UK.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Arcola Energy Limited, London, United Kingdom £319,392 £ 223,574


Haydale Composite Solutions Limited, Loughborough £148,991 £ 104,294
Commercial Limited, CHELTENHAM £39,076 £ 19,538


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