The project will build an autonomous vehicle with human like, natural control / path planning, by 2019, that 1) is able to be fully autonomous on country roads, when overtaking, on roundabouts and/ or motorways 2) mimics the driving behaviour of human beings, to provide an enhanced experiences for the occupants. Nissan and Hitachi will use their global automotive, artificial intelligence/ machine learning and communication technology expertise to build vehicles and AI models that are fit for purpose, and use the expertise of Horiba MIRA, Cranfield University and the University of Leeds to ensure the system is validated and end-user acceptance is evaluated. Atkins and SBD will address protective security, making the vehicle digitally and physically secure. The Transport Systems Catapult will be responsible for project management and development of safety aspects of the project. The impact of L4 vehicles on the Strategic Road Network will be explored through work by Highways England and TSS. Highways England and Milton Keynes Council will provide support to the demonstration route of the vehicle.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Limited, Sunderland, United Kingdom £6,851,582 £ 3,425,791


University of Leeds, United Kingdom £1,501,199 £ 1,501,199
Transport Systems Catapult, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom £1,307,399 £ 1,307,399
Horiba Mira Limited, Nuneaton £459,112 £ 229,556
Atkins UK, United Kingdom £87,504 £ 43,752
SBD Automotive Limited, Milton Keynes £105,654 £ 63,392
Hitachi Europe Limited, Maidenhead, Berkshire £1,497,980 £ 748,990
Aimsun Limited £253,587 £ 177,511
Cranfield University, United Kingdom £1,199,940 £ 1,199,940


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