Smart ADAS Verification and Validation Methodology (SAVVY)

Lead Participant: AVL Powertrain UK Limited


There is an emerging and strong demand for new techniques to enable the robust design and verification & validation (V&V) of ADAS features in a safe, repeatable, controlled and scientifically rigorous environment. This is driven by a number of challenges: reduced engagement of, and reliance on, the driver in the driving task; the very high number and complexity of use cases & test scenarios; reduced access to prototype vehicles; and limited test time, human resources and cost constraints. This project will therefore deliver a novel, efficient and accelerated simulation and simulator based V&V process for ADAS technologies. This project will create the building blocks for the V&V of future technologies based on Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) using deep learning and Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) algorithms. These methodologies will be evaluated throughout a product development lifecycle of a real-time ADAS control system. This project will facilitate collaboration between AVL (consortium lead), Vertizan, Myrtle Software, Warwick University and Horiba MIRA, and will bring together the learning and innovations from 3 current Innovate UK funded feasibility studies.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

AVL Powertrain UK Limited, Basildon £818,371 £ 409,186


University of Warwick, United Kingdom £517,154 £ 517,154
Horiba Mira Limited, Nuneaton £347,862 £ 173,931
Myrtle Software Limited, Cambridge £155,621 £ 108,936
Vertizan Limited, MILTON KEYNES £219,180 £ 153,426


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