Multi-Car Collision Avoidance


The Multi-Car Collision Avoidance (MuCCA) Project will develop a multi-car collision avoidance system that aims to reduce the occurrence and consequences (injuries and damage) of multi-car collisions on motorways. The technologies developed and used will be very similar to those that will be included within a fully autonomous vehicle including sensor systems, machine learning, vehicle-to-vehicle communications and vehicle control systems. To support the system development the project will also configure, integrate and develop a number of simulation tools to create a vehicle automation modelling and test environment that will facilitate a more rapid development of automated vehicles. This environment will include a human driver model to allow simulation and collision avoidance prediction of ordinary non-equipped vehicle paths, so that this technology provides immediate real-world benefits on today's roads. The technology, systems and tools being developed will be readily adaptable to the broader vehicle automation domain, facilitating a significant evolutionary step in vehicle cooperation and automated driving development in the UK.


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