MERGE Greenwich

Lead Participant: Addison Lee Limited


The CC-CARS project will evaluate the operational and commercial realities of using SAE level 4 automated vehicles to deliver integrated ridesharing services in an urban environment. It builds upon ongoing work in the Innovate UK-funded GATEway project that is bringing connected and automated vehicle (CAV) technology to the streets of Greenwich. CC-CARS will explore how to enhance urban mobility, as well as reduce total vehicle journeys and thereby reduce emissions and pollution. The role of the consortium partners will be as follows: Addison Lee will explore using its booking, allocation and dispatch technology to pair ridesharing journeys and coordinate with the broader transport network. The project will also consider the user perspective, factoring safety, comfort, privacy, security and accessibility into the service. General Motors will provide guidance on suitable vehicle design and performance characteristics enabling Immense Simulations to simulate CC-CARS operations. Transport Systems Catapult will use passenger movement data to determine likely vehicle missions. The consortium will start by looking at vehicle movements in Greenwich, determining what journeys could be provided by automated vehicles to inform the deveopment of a CAV service business model.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Addison Lee Limited, London £412,786 £ 206,383


Transport Systems Catapult, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom £164,772 £ 164,772
ImmenSE Simulations Limited, FARINGDON £99,845 £ 69,892
TRL Limited, Wokingham £137,923 £ 137,923
Dg Cities Limited, London £149,995 £ 149,995


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