ESCIPODS (Electric Supercapacitor Integrated PODs)


ESCIPODs is a collaborative project led by Westfield Sportscars, alongside Zap&Go, Potenza, Heathrow Enterprises and The University of Warwick to develop existing autonomous vehicles for higher efficiency and extended range. It builds on existing research and development that has been carried out in the UK to propose a novel and innovative solution for clean and efficient urban transportation. This will be achieved by developing a new hybrid supercapacitor and Lithium-Ion battery system for deployment in both new and retrofit PODs.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Westfield Sports Cars Limited, Kingswinford £567,061 £ 395,964


University of Warwick, United Kingdom £310,483 £ 310,483
Potenza Technology Limited, Kings Norton £278,273 £ 194,790
Heathrow Enterprises Limited, HOUNSLOW £17,116 £ 8,558
Zapgo Ltd, London £360,873 £ 252,611


10 25 50