Lead Participant: Select Research Ltd.


Project ShapeGB seeks to provide an App that can be used to automate the measurement of a person’s size using a new method; body volume. The App will use two photographs (2D images) from any Smart mobile technology. This will provide a virtual image of the person that will be stored in the cloud and can be recalled and matched, either in-store or on-line, by the customer to actual garments that will fit the customer, thus eliminating the inconvenience, time and cost of returning garments that do not fit. The customer experience will be enhanced through the use of this new innovative technology that just needs a smart mobile phone or tablet. We plan to recruit a minimum of 30,000 and potentially up to 50,000 volunteers through our seven retail consortium partners in order to accelerate use of the use of body volume system adapted to measure weight distribution, body shape and then ultimately offer the customer the correct size based on their own weight distribution and body shape.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Select Research Ltd., Malvern £257,487 £ 115,869


River Island Clothing Co. Limited, London £50,149 £ 12,537
John Lewis Plc £51,097 £ 12,774
ASOS Plc £50,379 £ 12,595
New Look Retail Group Limited, Weymouth £52,155 £ 13,039
Tesco plc, Cheshunt £48,889 £ 12,222
Next Plc, LEICESTER £51,402 £ 12,851
Monsoon Accessorize Limited, London £51,035 £ 12,759


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