Lead Participant: Flusso Limited


BreathFit will develop a breathanalyser for supporting individuals in setting personalized fat-burning diets and exercises. Fat rather than sugars is actually used by the body to support body energetic needs in individuals following a low-carb diet and/or doing prolonged aerobic exercises. Fat is converted into by-products during this process and one of these is a molecule called acetone. Acetone is present in blood in a very small amount, however, a part of it escapes from the body during the respiration process. Interestingly, it has been demonstrated that the acetone concentration in breath can help predicting weight losses in people following diets with a restricted intake of sugars. However, concentrations of acetone in breath are very low and only 1 molecule of acetone is found among a million of other gas molecules present in human breath. Thus, currently, acetone has to be measured by skilled personnel using large and expensive lab-equipment. BreathFit proposes to build an affordable breathanalyser which can be operated by any individual to accomplish the above measurement. The core of this instrument is the integration of gases, flow and temperature miniaturized sensors which are based on the same technology employed for producing camera and calculator processors.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Flusso Limited, Cambridge £102,144 £ 71,500


Microsemi Semiconductor Limited, Bristol £99,332 £ 49,666
AMS Sensors UK Limited, CAMBRIDGE £160,719 £ 80,665
University of Cambridge, United Kingdom £115,011 £ 115,011


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