RASCAL (Rate Scalable NDT for AM)

Lead Participant: Theta Technologies Ltd


Additive manufacturing provides a great amount of freedom to design and build very complex parts, unfortunately the more complex the part geometry externally and internally the more difficult it is to inspect. Due to this part complexity, the general inspection practice has relied mainly on digital and computed tomography (CT) X-ray non-destructive testing (NDT) methods, and limited work has been performed on other methods. Thermography and resonance drift methods are emerging as game changing for AM inspection. These methods have potential for faster scanning, are less expensive and they have no health and safety issues that X-ray methods have. In addition when combined they have the potential to cover both macro and micro scale defects. Finally, XCT has a limited capability on micro cracks, where resonance drift methods are expected to be capable.
The aim of RASCAL project is to develop a fast and economical inspection system for AM parts, possessing a comprehensive defect detectability by exploiting data fusion from both NDT methods, but depending on inspection needs RASCAL's modularity allows to upscale/downscale the system's capability. Sentencing the parts will be performed in an automated manner by evaluation of user defined inspection requirements with NDT data. Finally this project will possess connectivity both downstream and upstream allowing traceability and/or process modifications.

Key objectives:
1. Reduce inspection costs
2. Production connectivity feeding upstream/downstream
3. Comprehensive inspection
4. Scalable inspection to adapt to user needs

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Theta Technologies Ltd, Exeter £183,097 £ 128,168


Sonemat Limited, Coventry £96,823 £ 67,776
3t Rpd Limited., Newbury £2,299 £ 1,379
The Manufacturing Technology Centre Limited, COVENTRY £256,531 £ 256,531
Jetsoft Ltd, LEEDS £93,081 £ 65,157


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