10kWe ORC integrated free piston expander

Lead Participant: Libertine Fpe Limited


Development of a patented 10KWe free piston gas expander (FPGE) for low-cost off-grid power generation from locally available heat sources. The FPGE is an Organic Rankine Cycle sub-system that can be integrated into a wide range of distributed power generation applications including biogas/biomass to power, exhaust waste heat to power (new and retrofit) and concentrated solar power systems. The objective of this mid-stage project is to demonstrate a modular 10KWe FPGE prototype and verify efficiency & performance through lab testing. The close integration of multiple components within the gas expander module improves system efficiency, packaging and cost. The 25 month project involves: System design & simulation; Component development; System integration; Lab testing & model validation. Final output will include the design & testing of an opposed free piston gas expander sub-system whose many applications will assist in meeting all aspects of the energy trilemma and are of direct relevance to the energy access needs of developing countries.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Libertine Fpe Limited, YORK £617,676 £ 432,373


Entropea Labs Limited, London £158,459 £ 110,922
Brunel University London, Uxbridge £325,375 £ 325,375


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