Automated stretch wrapping system for small heat sensitive products and aerosols

Lead Participant: Trak-Rap Limited


SShrink wrapping is widely used as secondary packaging of individual items into larger unit loads. Although shrink wrapping is commonly used, there are disadvantages to this technique, particularly with heat sensitive products such as aerosols. Of all packaging machines, shrink wrappers are one of the heaviest energy users. The process requires running the pack through a heat tunnel at to shrink the polyethylene film onto the product. TRAKRAP have developed an automated wrapping system that uses virtually no heat and uses thin, 100% recyclable “stretch” film to secure the pack. TRAKRAP’s new stretch wrapping system will provide a cost effective wrapping solution for small heat sensitive products, without the need of collated trays. It will provide an alternative to shrink wrapping by offering the same benefits but with considerable energy and cost savings. It will reduce heat and energy requirements by over 90% and reduce the use of plastic materials by >60%. TRAKRAP’s new system will eliminate the risk of explosion, simplify health and safety requirements, lower insurance premiums, and reduce product changeover times (one size of film fits all packs), as well as significant reduction in packaging costs and packaging waste. The proposed system is also much more flexible than shrink wrapping, being able to manage a wide variety of pack sizes, formats and speeds on a digital platform consistent with high value manufacturing. The combination of film development and digital productivity enhancement will have benefits across a wide range of market sectors outside of aerosols alone.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Trak-Rap Limited, HUDDERSFIELD £376,209 £ 169,294


Dhl Supply Chain Limited, MILTON KEYNES £102,397 £ 25,599
Manufacturing Technology Centre, COVENTRY £111,714 £ 111,714
University of Bradford(The), Bradford £74,957 £ 74,957


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