Composite Intensive Lightweight Vehicle Architecture - CILVA

Lead Participant: Penso Consulting Ltd


This project is concerned with the design, manufacture, test and validation of a high performance multi-material vehicle platform for automotive production volumes upto 5,000 per annum. The project partners Penso, Bentley and Solvay will be demonstrating design for manufacturing capability of a fully vertically integrated, UK based automotive supply chain. The material and manufacturing solutions delivered by the project will enable reductions in vehicle through life CO2 emissions realised through enabling reduced weight vehicles,UK based parts production which considerably reduces parts logistics CO2 emissions, alternative powertrain solutions including PHeV and full BeV and reduced manufacturing and assembly facility footprint. In addition, the project will deliver evidence for validation of crash simulation tools, new material models, establish new bonded assembly strategies and prove out UK supply chain capability.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Penso Consulting Ltd, Coventry £1,220,726 £ 732,436


Bentley Motors Limited, Crewe £574,176 £ 287,000
Cytec Industrial Materials (Derby) Limited, HEANOR £188,674 £ 94,337


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