Manufacture of renewable alternative chemicals by clostridial fermentation (ReAlChem)

Lead Participant: Green Biologics Limited


Green Biologics Ltd, a renewable chemical company which is now producing the only commercially available renewable acetone and butanol globally, is teaming up with innovative SMEs Dynamic Extractions (DE) and BioExtractions Wales (BEW) to develop a manufacturing process for the biological production of a medically and chemically important biochemical. Supported by the University of Exeter (responsible research), E4tech (life cycle analysis) and Keit (process analysis and control) the team aim to develop a process for production that uses renewable feedstocks and processing, reduces the environmental impact of manufacture and is made using methodology that is acceptable to society at large. The project will apply CLEAVEâ„¢, a GBL-developed technology that revolutionises the use of clostridial bacteria for the production of a wide range of biochemicals. GBL will develop the microbes and manufacturing process with technology developed by DE and BEW being used to purify the product and develop new markets based on promoting sustainability.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Green Biologics Limited, ABINGDON £664,579 £ 332,290


Bioextractions Wales Limited, Tredegar £202,211 £ 141,548
Dynamic Extractions Limited, Slough, United Kingdom £144,094 £ 100,867
University of Exeter, United Kingdom £183,907 £ 183,907


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