Autonomous and Intelligent UAV Detection

Lead Participant: Metis Aerospace Ltd


SKYPERION is an Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) detection system.UAV, often called Drones, are readily available and can cause effects that range from a nuisance (invasion of privacy) to potential threat to life (collision with aircraft).The Counter-UAV market is developing; however, most systems rely on a mixture of sensors with an operator to interpret the sensor generated data, provide warnings and make decisions on follow on actions.The aim of this Project is to develop Artificial Intelligent (AI), an enabling capability, that will provide a high confidence report of UAV activity derived from multiple sensors with reduced reliance on human input. The system will learn over time, lowering false alarms, enabling follow on action to be taken with confidence. SKYPERION supports C-UAV requirements from small area/ short duration events, such as media events, to the persistent protection of large, fixed sites such as national infrastructure and other sensitive facilities. Whilst effective it is dependent on the use of highly trained human operators. The current market place is dominated by low performance sensors that also demand a large human resource. SKYPERION, with AI will deliver a high-performance, cost effective, C-UAV solution based on operationally proven sensors.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Metis Aerospace Ltd, Lincolnshire £317,685 £ 142,958


University of Lincoln, United Kingdom £51,667 £ 51,667
University of Hull, United Kingdom £37,301 £ 37,301


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