ACTIPH – Additively Constructed Transtibial Intelligent Prosthetic

Lead Participant: Blatchford Products Ltd


It is estimated that 150,000 people per year will suffer a below knee amputation and this is increasing due to increases in the prevalence of diabetes and related vascular disease. The loss of mobility that comes from loss of limb leads to decreased social and economic participation as well as further health issues. Current prosthetic feet do not adequately address lost muscle function leading to: reduced mobility; falls and fractures; and damage to the spine and remaining leg due to asymmetric and high loading. This project develops a robotic prosthetic foot to emulate lost muscles by integrating technologies including additive manufacturing, hydraulic actuation, advanced sensing and microprocessor control.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Blatchford Products Ltd, Basingstoke £110,892 £ 55,446


University of Bath, Bath £142,946 £ 142,946
4c Electronics Limited, Cleveland £100,703 £ 70,492
Moog Controls Limited, GLOUCESTERSHIRE £123,800 £ 61,900


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