New volume production casting process for AMC reinforced components.

Lead Participant: Ford Motor Company Limited


Ford Motor Company (Ford), Composite Metal Technology (CMT) and M Wright &Sons (MWS) are collaborating on an Innovate UK funded project to develop a new manufacturing process for the production of aluminium castings reinforced with inserts manufactured from long-fibre aluminium matrix composite (AMC) materials, providing localised reinforcement and facilitating weight reduction. The project will deliver a new gravity die casting process for AMC-reinforced components, enabling higher production volumes at improved quality and reduced cost compared to the current sand casting process. MWS will support this development with a novel 3D fibre preform design concept, manufactured using a new adaptive weaving system that will allow flexible transverse reinforcement of preforms, modified according to component performance requirements. These developments will be demonstrated via the manufacture of a redesigned prototype powertrain bracket, with reduced weight and improved stiffness versus the standard aluminium component. The project will address one of the remaining inhibitors to widespread adoption of AMC reinforcement for aluminium components, and unlock the technology potential for customers in a broad range of industrial sectors.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Ford Motor Company Limited, Brentwood, United Kingdom £134,282 £ 67,141


M. Wright & Sons Limited, LOUGHBOROUGH £333,059 £ 199,835
Alvant Limited, Basingstoke £1,031,605 £ 722,124


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