Lead Participant: Zenotech Ltd


UK based automotive manufacturers make use of computational aero-acoustics (CAA) analysis to design for quieter, greener and more driver-friendly vehicles. Full CAA simulation is costly – both in terms of license fees and computing hardware. Newly developed high order flux reconstruction (HOFR) capability in the zCFD software from Zenotech, based on fundamental research work at Imperial College, offers a route to faster and more efficient CAA. Z-CARS will demonstrate this in partnership with industry specialists, including a UK premium sports car manufacturer. The outcome will be an enhanced CAA capability, available for use in automotive, aerospace, civil, maritime and renewables engineering. ZCFD is freely available for academic use and to anyone on a single device. ZCFD can be accessed online, on-demand worldwide via the EPIC portal to high performance computing (HPC) resources.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

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Zenotech Ltd, CHEPSTOW £78,770 £ 55,139


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