The SkyBridge project brings together unique & innovative organisations of SME's, Universities & an automotive OEM to form a 5G Innovation Value Chain in a collaborative development of a network connectivity solution for passenger journeys & smart cities. This solution leverages a defence sector technology from Horsebridge which allows the user to benefit from the secure, aggregated bandwidth from up to 4 mobile network operators & tailors it specifically for smart infrastructure & connected transport needs. In particular SkyBridge will be future-proofed to ensure compatibility with emerging 5G standards across secure, massive & critical IoT platforms. This novel connectivity solution allows improved & enhanced services to be provided to consumers to enrich their passenger experience & enables the provision of better services, greater flexibility with wider economic, social & environmental benefits. SkyBridge supports the UK’s drive to develop capability & technologies which will position it at the forefront of the 5G Smart & Secure Living environment.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Horsebridge Network Systems Limited, Cheltenham £553,760 £ 332,257


University of Surrey, United Kingdom £461,218 £ 461,218
Bentley Motors Limited, Crewe £82,548 £ 41,274
Rinicom Limited £962,000 £ 673,400
Lancaster University £263,117 £ 263,117
Viasat UK Limited, DORSET £1,505,834 £ 752,917


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