Dynamic Load Reduction and Station Keeping Mooring System for Floating Offshore Wind

Lead Participant: Teqniqa Systems Limited


The Intelligent Mooring System (IMS) will result in substantial reductions to LCOE for floating offshore wind generation. It is an industry project led by Teqniqa Systems in collaboration with the University of Exeter and DNV-GL. The IMS has a unique approach to mooring damping, pressure based active control with no mechanical moving parts. In addition to excellent load reduction performance, it can be tuned dynamically in operation in response to wind and wave conditions, as well as allowing multiple pre-configured responses to loading thresholds. Offshore structures which would accrue greatest benefits from IMS are large high-cost platforms used in Floating Offshore Wind which need high survivability and optimal station keeping. The shape and steepness of the load–extension curve is variable in operation to adjust to the prevailing metocean conditions. This allows a much wider range of response characteristics than would otherwise be available. The controllable nature of the resistance and stroke length in reaction to platform feedback and requirements such as accurate position keeping, tidal range compensation or attitude efficiency for energy harvesting devices is a unique mooring capability and highly desirable for end users.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Teqniqa Systems Limited, Rossett £570,621 £ 399,435


Dnv Gl UK Limited, LONDON £6,172 £ 3,087
University of Exeter, United Kingdom £247,140 £ 247,140


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