Augmented WorkEr (AWE)

Lead Participant: Sublime Digital Limited


This proposal is submitted to Innovate UK for consideration of grant funding to expand the use of augmented and virtual reality in construction, by developing an Augmented Worker System enabling the intelligent design, construction, maintenance and whole-life value of construction buildings. The construction sector is a key sector to the UK economy and is a sector with considerable growth opportunity. The Government have started this investment which continues with the Digital Built Britain programme. Through the implementation of DBB, the industry will be able to deliver faster builds to a higher quality with fewer defects and more sustainable buildings. The challenge for industry is meeting the DBB Building Information Modelling (BIM) level mandated by the UK Government. The Augmented Worker System will target a reduction in cost and waste, whilst increasing productivity. A successful outcome will provide the construction industry with this Augmented Worker System to improve the construction process at every stage. The project will focus on implementing the Augmented Worker System for a modular, off-site construction company to demonstrate the impact of such a system.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer



Sublime Digital Limited, Glasgow
Pinnacle Business Solutions Limited, Nairn £423,567 £ 296,497
Laing O'rourke Plc., DARTFORD £142,908 £ 71,454
University of Sheffield, United Kingdom £203,829 £ 203,829
University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom £98,974 £ 98,974




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