Smart Hubs

Lead Participant: Turbo Power Systems Limited


This project will develop the technical solutions and commercial business models Smart Hubs. Smart Hubs are 400V micro grid interconnectors combined with energy storage and a floating DC-DC bus that optimise voltages across LV networks and Low Carbon Technologies (LCTs). PV, Wind, EV, V2G, CHP, and Energy Storage are multiple energy vectors that unbalance the LV distribution network and cause voltage losses and equipment damage. Smart Hubs will focus of DC-DC energy buffers that support a wide range of LCT. This project will focus on developing a Smart Hub to support high densities of EV charge points (7-300kW/unit) for infrastructure companies servicing the public and private sector. The Smart Hub energy management platform architecture will be flexible and adaptable to evolving LCTs and grid services as they are identified. This project seeks to combine three technology streams that are currently hampered by cost barriers: solar power, EV charging and energy storage. In this way infrastructure costs are shared and reduced through smart interconnected systems.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Turbo Power Systems Limited, Gateshead £507,736 £ 304,642


Emsc (UK) Limited, Sheffield £38,200 £ 22,920
Newcastle University, United Kingdom £151,362 £ 151,362
Smart Power Systems Limited, Market Harborough £210,600 £ 126,325
Flexisolar Limited, Huntingdon £171,025 £ 119,719


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