Biosensor for the Precision Treatment of Trauma Patients with Severe Haemorrhage

Lead Participant: Highland Biosciences Ltd


Traumatic injuries are a major unmet clinical need and the leading cause of death and disability among young people around the world. Trauma treatment and management is very complex, costly and resource-intense. It is a fast-moving environment where clinicians constantly seek the best treatment to manage and stabilise very sick patients. In these patients, blood loss causes usual levels of clotting factors to be deranged leading to coagulopathy. This defective clotting processes results in continued uncontrolled bleeding which has a high risk of mortality. This collaborative research project – with Highland Biosciences Limited (HBL), the NIHR Diagnostic Evidence Co-operative (DEC) London and Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust - will develop new biosensor product technology. The new device will guide the selection of the best treatment and management regime for trauma patients by bringing results of a patient’s clotting status to the patient’s bedside within a few minutes and reduce the need for and number of blood transfusions in all but the most severely affected patients.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Highland Biosciences Ltd, DINGWALL £900,082 £ 630,057


Imperial College London, United Kingdom £229,192 £ 229,192
Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust £493,714 £ 493,714


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