Interactive Locations and Intelligent Digital Signage (iLIDS)

Lead Participant: Arriva UK Trains Limited


The Platform-train-interface (PTI) sits at the centre of every passenger rail journey made. Unprecedented rail demand and near continuous heavy-duty vehicle traffic are making the safe and efficient management of the PTI increasingly challenging and expensive. At the same time, overcrowding is leading to suboptimal journey experience for customers. The aim of this project is to deliver an innovative solution for influencing passenger flow at the PTI, whilst respecting industry realities regarding cost and practical implementation requirements. The concept is based on the innovative use of real-time data, and information relays, including station infrastructure and signage as a ‘responsive user-interface’, intelligently guiding passengers along the PTI to achieve more optimal boarding and alighting operations. The consortium contains a unique blend of human factors, PTI operational protocol, big data analytics, cyber security and rail product development expertise to create a scalable Interactive Locations and Intelligent Digital Signage (iLIDS) solution. A proof-of-concept prototype will showcase iLIDS ability to positively affect passenger movement in real-time, completing a technology innovation that will ready for market entry in 2019.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Arriva UK Trains Limited, Park Sunderland £108,678 £ 54,339


University of Surrey, United Kingdom £84,949 £ 84,949
Rail Safety and Standards Board Limited, London £209,494 £ 209,494
Enable International Limited, Stratford-Upon-Avon £559,850 £ 391,895


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