Digitally enabled ultrasonic assisted robotic machining demonstrator – RoboMade

Lead Participant: Loop Technology Limited


Many of the current manufacturing techniques used in industries were developed for standard and conventional materials, some of which are now being challenged by novel and more advanced counterparts which can be difficult to process by standard means. A next-generation, advanced manufacturing technique is required to fully exploit the potential of these innovative materials, which include examples such as CFRP-metal stacks. The aim of the RoboMade project is to exploit a decade of advanced R&D activities in robotics, advanced machining and automation to develop a novel hybrid ultrasonic assisted robotic machining system for. RoboMade will offer a low-cost and accessible solution, delivering high-value, to meet the ever-increasing demand from customers for precision machining of exotic materials, associated with significant capital and operational cost savings. The digital infrastructure underpinning the system will provide users major benefits related to flexibility, configurability and autonomous operations


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