Newton Fund - Development of a rapid ParaDNA test kit for improved clinical management of patients with breast cancer and associated co-morbidities

Lead Participant: Lgc Limited


Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) including cancer and cardiovascular disease (CVD) are major causes of death globally. The South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) has responded to the dire need for translatable research by supporting the development of a novel genetic testing platform focused on disease pathways that are shared by many NCDs. To link to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal of ensuring health and promoting well-being, LGC (UK) in collaboration with the SAMRC's spinout company, Gknowmix, and Stellenbosch University has developed a novel point of care (PoC) diagnostic testing system and screening tool to improve the clinical management of patients with breast cancer and its associated co-morbidities. This testing platform is made possible by using the LGC ParaDNA technology that enables detection of genetic changes that are important in the development of breast cancer. Genetic testing may be done by non-expert users and within 1 hour, compared to standard laboratory methods that takes 1 week from sample collection to result reporting. For the first time, PoC technology will be used to detect changes in the two main breast cancer susceptibility genes (BRCA1 and BRCA2), as well as changes in other genes shared by various NCDs. The patient reports generated using this technology helps to determine whether further testing is necessary in patients with treatment failure, medication side-effects or co-morbidities that are not explained by the initial assessment. Combining the unique ParaDNA PoC technology with the proprietary algorithms of Gknowmix, enables this system to be scaled in South Africa and globally, with significant benefit to patients with breast cancer and those at risk of developing CVD and other associated NCDs. The availability of genetic testing at the PoC enables better access to genetic testing and overall care, reduced costs and faster reporting for timely implementation of effective intervention strategies.

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Lgc Limited, MIDDLESEX £373,896 £ 186,948


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