ESCHER: Establishing Supply Chains for Emergent Quantum Computers

Lead Participant: M-Squared Lasers Limited


A primary goal of the UK National Quantum Technology Programme is to target key milestones on the journey to practical, universal quantum computing. The partners are working together to develop commercial supply chains for key components, subsystems and devices for emergent quantum computing and networking platforms. The proposed project complements the work programme for the national hub in Networked Quantum Information Technologies (NQIT), led by the University of Oxford but encompassing all the partners as either participants or contributors, by developing the industrial role in the efforts of the national programme. The planned developments will help the industrial partners establish a native supply chain for critical components in the roadmap for the Q20:20 engine and beyond. The envisaged impact of fault tolerant quantum computing will have global significance and strengthening the UK's industrial participation in this area at this stage will ensure that researchers benefit from hardware capable of accelerating their own work. This value proposition will enable the companies to benefit immediately.


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