A novel biomanufacturing platform to accelerate and to increase industrial use of cold-active enzymes


"Bio-inspired processes will have a major impact on the challenges of the global society in 21st century, including those associated with environmental sustainability. The employment of biocatalysts in industrial processes is expected to boost a sustainable production of chemicals, materials and fuels from renewable resources.

The scope of this proposal is to encourage and translate academic research and its outcome into a novel industrially usable platform for the sustainable production of scientifically improved biomaterials by exploiting new analytical and biotechnological technologies. Molecular Biology and enzyme technology together with NMR analytics will provide disruptive innovation and lead to the development of unique new and sustainable products.

Amongst the broad spectrum of potential applications for this new biomaterial, we will successfully demonstrate the cost-efficient and industrially compatible production of this new biomaterial using novel biomanufacturing technology and its benefits in reducing the environmental and economic costs of laundry.

By applying analytical NMR to the novel biomaterial, its structural conformity can be verified, serving as a technical tool to potentially accelerate design and creation of cold-cleaning HPC relevant product formulations."

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Unilever U.K. Central Resources Limited, Bedford £199,500 £ 99,750


University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom £199,999 £ 199,999
Ingenza Limited, Roslin £500,285 £ 350,199
Imperal London College, London £99,404 £ 99,404


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