Handheld Quantum Wireless for Secure Financial Transactions and Sensitive Information

Lead Participant: Cognizant Worldwide Limited


"Quantum key distribution (QKD) is a cryptographic scheme which provides an unprecedented level of data security. It can be used to secure financial transactions over ATM machines and wireless payments as well as any personal or corporate confidential data. Our project seeks to develop a free-space, handheld (credit-card size), steerable QKD system prototype to secure real-world bank/payment transactions.

This Consortium understands real-world banking transaction needs and has the knowledge in developing novel optical techniques to tailor make a practical handheld QKD system, completed with suitable hardware-to-user interface and a software stack for commercial deployment. We seek the opportunity to show the world that not only UK is leading QKD in academic research, but that we are also at the forefront of quantum technology development. Using real bank/payment transaction data, this project will demonstrate QKD usage in wireless financial application."

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Cognizant Worldwide Limited, London £250,017 £ 125,009


University of Oxford, United Kingdom £156,379
University of Bristol, United Kingdom £97,623


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