Lead Participant: Delta Motorsport Limited


"AMPLiFII 2 is aimed to take the results of the successfully delivered Amplifii project (in the form of a modular, scalable, flexible battery architecture for deployment on low to medium volume vehicle platforms) and accelerate their integration into vehicle products for JLR, JCB, Ariel and ADL. It will take the manufacturing technology developed during Amplifii and adapt it for implementation by the partners. Further, it will develop additional functionality for the AMPLiFII battery system, including 800V high power charging and discharge, location based BMS control, advanced and highly robust cooling, distributed BMS, use of new 21700 cell format, and cost-down measures.

The project will result in four fully developed management demonstrator vehicles, a pilot production facility at Delta Motorsport, and a production ready BMS system by Potenza and Trackwise."

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Delta Motorsport Limited, OXFORDSHIRE £3,155,306 £ 2,208,714


Trackwise Designs Limited, Tewksbury £349,850 £ 244,895
Jaguar Land Rover Limited, COVENTRY £1,803,589 £ 901,795
University of Warwick, United Kingdom £2,844,411 £ 2,844,411
Ariel Ltd, Crewkerne £1,126,060 £ 788,242
Potenza Technology Limited, Kings Norton £967,536 £ 677,276
Unknown, United Kingdom


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