Lead Participant: SSE Utilities Solutions Ltd


Delivered by a compact partnership of UK energy industry leaders and a global leader in e-bus manufacturing combined with academic strength in business modelling, Bus2Grid will deliver the UK's first e-bus to grid multi-megawatt demonstration at commercial scale.

Delivered in London, where TfL (project advisor) is leading the way for clean urban transport with a programme of electrification of 300 buses by 2020, Bus2Grid aims to provide the innovation required to accommodate this demand within the distribution network providing a clear route to market and launch pad for V2G services in the e-bus space.


* BYD: Global leader in e-bus manufacturing:
* UKPN: UK's leading innovative DNO;
* SSE: UK's second largest electricity generator;
* Leeds University: One of the UKs largest research intensive universities with expertise across energy systems, cities and transport systems.

Key objectives to deliver:

* 11 retrofit and 22 new build V2G enabled e-buses and 2.64 MW of bi-directional charging infrastructure in an identified London bus depot (Northumberland Park), with over 1-2 MW of V2G response;
* An aggregation platform integrated with the depot's Charging Management System with interfaces to offer services to National Grid and UKPN (DNO);
* A test site with three V2G enabled e-buses and charging points to validate the technical solution (based in BYD Service Centre West London);
* A clear V2G mass roll-out strategy within the e-bus market;
* Demonstrate the value of V2G services to National Grid, DNOs and bus operators;
* Create new business models and market frameworks that allow capture of the identified value streams;
* Understand bus operators attitudes to V2G technologies at different project stages and to new business models, and create a tailored V2G services proposition;
* Disseminate key findings and recommendations for stakeholders critical to the development of V2G markets.

Key Innovations:

* Market -- for the first time in the UK, V2G services will be provided from e-buses, each with an energy capacity more than ten times the new Nissan Leaf;
* Technology -- software and hardware capabilities to enable V2G in e-buses; software in Charging Management Systems (precision energy planning on a vehicle by vehicle basis); integrated with an aggregation platform to offer services to National Grid and DNOs;
* Commercial -- assessment of commercial potential of V2G from e-buses and development of new business models; first-time assessment of V2G services for DNOs; first-time bidding for Frequency Response from aggregated electric bus batteries; first time engagement and understanding of bus operators attitudes to V2G.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

SSE Utilities Solutions Ltd £1,245,142 £ 373,543


University of Leeds, United Kingdom £98,265 £ 98,265
Uk Power Networks Holdings Limited, London £48,400
Byd (U.K.) Co., Ltd., London £1,014,417 £ 253,604


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