(FAIR) Film Acceleration through Innovative Revenue-sharing

Lead Participant: Big Couch Ltd


The independent film industry in the UK currently features an opaque maze of middlemen who operate in the space between content creators and content consumers. Big Couch has established its position in the European film and tech industries with the innovative finance algorithm for films entitled 'crewfunding'. Big Couch will develop the unique FAIR blockchain platform for revenue distribution in the independent film sector. The project explores how networks of blockchain-based smart contracts can lower friction, increase transparency and decrease settlement times. Big Couch will collaborate with Imperial College Centre for Cryptocurrency Research and Engineering and Imperial College Business School to address and overcome the technical challenges that currently exist with blockchain, to increase transparency, trust, productivity and cost savings to independent filmmakers.

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Big Couch Ltd, LONDON £258,081 £ 180,657


Imperal London College, London £68,085 £ 68,085


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