Project Mobius: Transforming Education with Immersive Technologies



"Project Mobius will convert the teaching power of Virtual Reality (VR) into a goldmine of continually expanding educational data. We will build exceptional Virtual Reality teaching applications for Higher Education, transforming student learning across a range of subjects and gaining deeper understanding of how students learn; such as how long they take to do a task, what different approaches they use, what aids the cognitive process and how well learning is retained over time as the complexity of the learning experience increases.

In a classical teaching environment, capturing such fine-grained student learning data is impractical, costly and inefficient. This means that educators are deprived of valuable data that would allow them to improve and refine the learning process for their students. VR represents a potential transformation in the way teaching is traditionally delivered, but it also represents an opportunity to capture unprecedented levels of information about the learning process. Our Mobius platform will host a range of VR teaching applications from which (anonymised) learner data can be drawn. It will then interpret this data into tailored analytics reports for educators, and for the broader data market. By harnessing the power of VR, we will empower educators to create a better, more effective, student learning experience, creating a valuable stream of data in the process."

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

SUBLIME DIGITAL LIMITED £649,900 £ 454,930


UNIVERSITY OF GLASGOW £261,813 £ 261,813


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