Autonomous Valet Parking

Lead Participant: Parkopedia Limited


"As autonomous vehicles start to become a reality, one of the unanswered questions remains - where and how will those cars park?

Parkopedia today provides the ability for drivers to find and pay for parking in 75 countries around the world. As part of this proposal, Parkopedia is looking to deliver a proof of concept involving an autonomous vehicle that will fulfil the valet function by navigating the vehicle to an open parking space, executing the parking maneuver automatically with no human involvement and responding to a summon request by navigating the vehicle back to the driver.

To enable this autonomous valet parking demonstration, Parkopedia is partnering with Transport Systems Catapult to understand the impact of autonomous valet parking on the parking industry and the University of Surrey to research the mapping and localisation requirements for the maps and navigation software that will power these autonomous vehicles."

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Parkopedia Limited, BIRMINGHAM £1,203,976 £ 842,783


University of Surrey, United Kingdom £229,809 £ 229,808
Transport Systems Catapult £134,186 £ 134,186


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