APEX - Advanced Power Electronics for eXtreme e-machines


"APEX brings leading edge UK research in power electronics together with ultra-high speed, switched reluctance electric machine design and novel thermal management solutions, to deliver a breakthrough in electric drive systems suitable for high performance vehicles.

The drive will be designed to exceed latest permanent magnet motor performance while removing the need for both rare-earth magnets and copper windings -- delivering a package which is both cost effective and recyclable at its end of life and widely applicable across vehicle types and markets.

Working closely with Bentley Motors and University of Newcastle, The Thinking Pod Innovations and Advanced Electric Machines Research will accelerate their technologies towards market readiness while ensuring they are focused on meeting all of the requirements of an automotive design verification plan from the earliest stage of design.

Building on world class design capabilities and unsurpassed experience in high volume motor manufacturing, APEX will work with UK based suppliers to deliver cost effective prototypes and establish supply chains which can support volume production enabling a market opportunity worth over £525M a year by 2030\."

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Advanced Electric Machines Research Limited, High Spen £314,919 £ 220,443


Bentley Motors Limited, Crewe £34,366 £ 17,183
Advanced Electric Machines Limited £133,146 £ 93,203
The Thinking Pod Innovations Ltd £285,921 £ 200,145


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