Lead Participant: Wrightbus Limited


"NextGenEV will develop an electric powertrain architecture for energy efficient buses. Wrightbus has successfully developed three generations of ""micro-hybrid"" architecture and a low cost high efficiency Hybrid bus with the""NextGenHyBus"" project. These systems are designed to maximise energy efficiency to power ancillary systems and vehicle propulsion. The company also have a solid foundation in delivering battery electric buses, with over ten years' experience in development of these vehicles using commercially available powertrain technology. The NextGenEV programme will build on this experience of delivering innovative, competitive vehicle platforms to develop a new, highly efficient, zero-emissions bus with lower total cost of ownership and maximisation of passenger numbers, key to achieving long term sustainability of battery electric vehicles on the UK roads and globally. The powertrain will be developed as a modular system, allowing the technology developed through this work to be demonstrated for both single and double deck buses.

The project will examine a range of possible architectures with specific provision made for vehicle systems with a significant air-conditioning and heating loads, often a significant factor in reducing the available range of battery electric buses. The motor generator unit and its associated controller will be developed in partnership with Zapi UK. Extensive modelling simulation and testing activities will be undertaken by Queen's University Belfast. Vehicle trials will be undertaken by Go-Ahead Group."

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Wrightbus Limited, BALLYMENA £2,915,765 £ 1,457,882


Zapi Uk Limited, Shropshire £262,284 £ 131,142
Queen's University of Belfast, United Kingdom £738,392 £ 738,392
The Go-Ahead Group Plc £75,735 £ 37,868


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