HyDIME (Hydrogen & Diesel Injection in a Marine Environment.


"The overall aim of the HyDIME project is to design, integrate and trial an innovative hydrogen / diesel dual fuel conversion system for a 50kW diesel auxiliary power unit on a car ferry operating between Shapinsay and Kirkwall in Orkney. The project will last 12 months and result in:

* The physical integration and proof of concept of the hydrogen conversion system working on a commercial ferry
* The demonstration and testing of the system in accelerated sea trials to gain approval for the integration and usage of Hydrogen in a commercial vessel
* The delivery of a scale up plan that outlines how the adapted ferry can interface with and optimally harness the 'Surf & Turf' Hydrogen production system in Orkney and how this can be effectively replicated across the UK.

HyDIME will build on the outcomes from 2 previous innovation projects: the 'Surf n' Turf' project in Orkney, which has enabled excess energy produced from wind and tidal turbines to be harnessed and channelled through an electrolyser to produce hydrogen at the Shapinsay port; and the 'SWISH2 & LHNE project' which provided a feasibility study into the viability of a dual hydrogen injection system on road applications"

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Ferguson Marine Engineering Limited, EAST KILBRIDE


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