"Nano-Reinforced Coatings with Improved Thermomechanical Properties-Steel Sector Application "

Lead Participant: Monitor Coatings Limited


"Engineering components usually fail when the surface cannot adequately withstand the external forces or environment to which it is subjected. The choice of a surface material, with the appropriate thermal properties and sufficient resistance to wear, corrosion and degradation, is crucial to its functionality. Improving the functionality of an existing product is only one aim. The second is to develop a new class of reinforced coating materials with the aid of nanotechnology. This new coating system and application method can create opportunities for new products which could not otherwise exist.

The primary target market of this project is the steel sector in the UK and abroad. More than 1.6 billion tonnes of steel are produced and used every year generating a market value of £300 billion. This project targets continuous casting products representing 25% of the global market. The main function of the mould is to establish a solidified steel shell that is sufficient in strength to contain the liquid metal core upon entry into the secondary spray cooling zone. The key challenge is how to provide a coating solution that can offer superior billet properties at high casting speeds (higher productivity-dynamic supply model), for a longer time and with consistent product quality throughout the steel production campaign. The steel producer, the user of these moulds, reports that the biggest issues, in terms of productivity and cost, are the high rate of wear and high temperature oxidation of the moulds.

As an enabling technology, Surface Engineering has economic and societal impacts via reduction in capital investment, increased profitability, design changes, environmental benefits and technical innovation. The UK steel plants will benefit from the lower steel manufacturing costs and higher steel quality. The project will positively affect the steel supply chain such as recycling, energy and mining through increased productivity and will add value to downstream industries such as construction, mechanical equipment, automotive, metal products, shipbuilding and trains through steel product quality improvements and lower costs. Broader industry benefits are expected from the advancement of nanotechnology and this project, with its unique industry led views on nanotechnology use, will provide a significant contribution to a future UK Government Strategy.

The secondary target market of this project is surface engineering for aggressive environments. The value of the UK coating market is approximately £21.3 billion, and those coatings critically affect products with a value greater than £143 billion."

Lead Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Monitor Coatings Limited, United Kingdom £396,818 £ 198,409


Materials Processing Institute, Middlesbrough £41,642 £ 41,642
Sensor Coating Systems Limited, LAUNCESTON £50,000 £ 35,000
Danieli Uk Holding Limited, Rotherham £155,833 £ 77,916
University of Nottingham £99,581 £ 99,581
Cranfield University, United Kingdom £112,441 £ 112,441


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