Increasing Productivity and Quality in Mass House Building

Lead Participant: Global Home Technology Ltd


"GlobalHOM is a research-led proptech startup with over 10,000 hours of engineering time invested in developing a new approach to home production. We have designed a home as a user focused, high quality and sustainable product by reimagining the value-chain in mass home construction. Our first product is a 1,200 sqft 2 bed residential unit called the GlobalHOM Model TS1\.

The Model TS1 is designed by award winning British product designer Lee McCormack whose portfolio includes working with McLaren of F1 developing high tech immersive environments. GlobalHOM's Lead designer is Frank Stephenson, a world renowned automotive designer responsible for the Mini Cooper, the Ferrari FXX and until 2017 was the design director at McLaren Automotive.

The Model-TS1 technology was developed over a four-year period. The outcome is a new approach to home production with the potential to achieve the highest possible carbon credentials by employing best-in-class energy optimisation hardware and software

The Model-TS1 is a connected home, made from an interchangeable kit of parts enabling the homedweller to adapt their own space according to their needs. No complex management of traditional trades is required. The Model TS1 can be assembled with a small team of assembly technicians 75% faster than the current construction supply chain is able to build.

The homedweller will be able to easily modify, upgrade, repurpose and change their home environment as their lifestyle needs evolve. There are plug-in modules to add a home office, a guest bed or a nursery for example. An installed sensor array collects data continuously and through our innovative business model and ethical data brokering platform, homedwellers are able to realise the value of this. The Model-TS1 is a connected home in every way and enables homedwellers to engage with their personal and local environments in ways that were only available to the wealthy in luxury homes.

Working with a consortium of partners including the University of Surrey, Bouygues and KPMG, GlobalHOM are reimagining the future where the home adapts to the needs of the user to support life's evolving needs.

This project funding award will see the development of the current TS1 engineering to be production ready in collaboration with industry and academic partners. It will also see the deployment of a full scale prototype on the grounds of the University of Surrey to serve as a proof-of-concept, enabling us to take it closer to our first UK connected community development."


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